Payment methods

Currently we accept online payments via Credit/Debit Cards (LKR/USD)/PayPal(USD), Bank transfers/deposits (Sampath/Commercial Banks) and mobile payments via mobile wallets. You can use any convenient payment method to settle your invoices.


How to settle a payment via Bank Transfer/Deposit?


We accept bank transfers/deposits from any Commercial or Sampath Bank. Once your order has been placed, you will receive the invoice email with our Commercial and Sampath bank account information. Bank transfers/deposits requires manual verification. Please email [email protected] with the invoice number, amount paid, bank name (Commercial/Sampath) and the date/time of the payment to verify your payment.


How to settle a payment via a credit/debit card or a mobile wallet?


LKR credit/debit cards: We accept any Visa/Mastercard issued in Sri Lanka and payments in LKR without any additional fee. Please select "Visa/Master Cards (LKR Cards Only)" as the payment method. NO transaction/currency conversion fee will be added and you will only be charged the exact amount mentioned in your invoice if you use this method.

Credit/debit card payments in other currencies: If your Visa/Mastercard has not been issued by a Sri Lankan Bank, you have to select "Visa/Master Cards (Charged in USD)" to settle the payment, your invoiced amount will be converted to USD for processing which involves a conversion fee/rates.

Mobile Wallets (Sri Lanka): You can also settle your payments in LKR without any additional fee by your mobile wallet (eZcash, mCash, etc.). If you pay by a Genie wallet, please note that Genie QR code based payments are not automatically confirmed, you have to contact us with the transaction ID provided by Genie in order to get these payments confirmed.


How to settle a payment via PayPal?


Please select "PayPal" as the payment method while placing your order. You will be automatically forwarded to PayPal once the order has been placed and your invoiced amount will be converted to USD for processing which involves a conversion fee/rates. Once the payment has been done via PayPal, it will be automatically confirmed by us within few minutes.

- How to settle payments via credit/debit card?

It’s very simple; you can easily create a new PayPal account within seconds and link your credit/debit card to settle the payment.

- Why PayPal?

Click here to know why it’s secure and safe to use PayPal than directly providing your credit card information -

For further assistance, please contact hotline during working hours.

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